In 1998, Miles was approached to play the lead in an independent short film. He'd worked with the director, Jorge Cabrera on a previous film. Cabrera asked Miles for his thoughts on the new project and after hearing his ideas asked Miles to write a completely new screenplay. The re-titled KEEPERS addressed the topic of gay Catholic priests and child molestation from the radical new perspective of priests sequestered on a retreat while the church determines what action to take when accusations are made. It did not end up finding a distributor, but Miles' work as both actor and screenwriter received glowing praise from audiences and critics.

"In KEEPERS, his screenwriting debut, Miles Phillips has penned a thought-provoking, poignant, controversial screenplay that offers a real treat for film lovers who appreciate intelligent, heartfelt dialogue and a plot that seductively unveils the secrets and passions that bring the tale to its unsettling climax. Set at the dawn of the twenty-first century, KEEPERS is the story of two men: Donal (Dylan Green), who is facing the final days of a long and fulfilling career of service; and Tom (Miles Phillips), who is beginning his career and is determined to change the world and its prejudices through a controversial mix of love, faith and activism. Friends for years, they find their friendship and faith tested by scandal and deception. On a beautiful autumn day at a retreat in Oyster Bay, they struggle to salvage one man's reputation, respect each other's privacy and protect their personal interpretations of faith and its responsibilities. Director Jorge Cabrera has captured two beautiful performances by Phillips and Green - full of power, passion and pain, all tempered with an astonishing subtlety. They are mesmerizing. And the subject matter is pointedly topical while illustrating a problem that appears to have come down through the centuries. KEEPERS is a real find."

Miles Phillips and Dylan Green in KEEPERS.

On the set of KEEPERS.