Jason Wynn

Miles Phillips is an incredible individual to work with. Since 2000, I have worked with him in nearly every possible fashion: as a singer, singing my own compositions; as a singer, under my music direction; as a director for my singing performance and my acting performance. His work is always top-notch. His vocal abilities and sound are nothing short of amazing. His rich baritone voice is really one of the most beautiful out there and beyond compare. What really aids his performances from a singing standpoint, is his ability to act – fully act – each number he does. And he has the brilliant insight to find new facets to each song, new direction with each set of lyrics.

I have also never met a more collaborative individual. I have been a music director for his solo shows on numerous occasions. And the ideas that he develops for his shows are very inspired. We have a very extensive history of feeding off each other. He will present an idea to me, I’ll take it and ‘run with it,’ he’ll expand on that, etc. 

I have also had him as a director on three of my own shows. On all three, he helped find an incredible arc that I never thought would have been possible. He can take the most random, seemingly unconnected, offbeat selection of songs and put the whole thing into a VERY cohesive show. Plus he has the ability to help direct the songs from an acting standpoint and really help someone not only get fully in tune with the text of the music, but find new interpretations that they never felt possible. And as a performer, I can truly say that he brought performances out of me that I am very proud of and would never have expected. And as I am often the music director of my cabaret shows, he has inserted his ideas and his shape without interfering with my vision and my expectations. Consequently, he has helped out with whatever needs to be done, but always puts the performer first.

This all, of course, reflects how he is as a person – insightful, extremely creative, collaborative, generous and talented. With an incredible voice to boot.
Jason Wynn – Musical Director/Actor/Multiple Award Winning Composer

Miles Phillips