Tom Holowach

It has been my pleasure to have Miles Phillips on our production team at Palikū Theatre. Producers in Hawaii certainly always want directors with “New York experience,” but cringe in anticipation of inevitable culture clash. Miles has the temperament and values to be able to work with a local team, as well as his stunning array of professional talent and experience. Nobody can agree with everybody about everything, but Miles Phillips has a brilliant way of allowing others to voice their ideas, consider them seriously, then smoothly decide in a way that is always supportive and never hurtful. With Miles, the only drama is what the actors create during the show. Besides being a show producer, as an actor who has been directed by Miles, I felt respected, instructed and educated. It is rare to have someone just suddenly appear on the scene, and work so well immediately with everyone he encounters. I look forward to every opportunity I can create to work in performing arts with Miles Phillips.

Tom Holowach – Manager – Palikū Theatre

Miles Phillips