Tracy Rae Wilson

It is my great pleasure to recommend Miles Phillips. As a choreographer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Miles on Carol Channing in Concert at the Wings Theater in 2008. 

Miles’ outstanding directorial skills emerged quickly after rehearsals for this production began. The production schedule was tight, the budget small, but expectations were high for a terrific show. Miles had the difficult task of fulfilling the creative vision of the star of the show while maintaining a sensible direction and timetable. He was able to create a safe, creative atmosphere full of professionalism and respect. 

Miles is truly an actor’s director. Having vast experience as an actor/singer himself, he was able to step into the performer’s shoes to understand what struggles they faced in creating their roles. His focus on acting the songs enabled the performers to bring a reality and truth to the piece you don’t often see. His direction made sense and had purpose. And his approach is hands on, consistent, and genuine.

He was a great help to me in my task of choreographing for a theatrical production based on a cabaret style act. Not only had he worked with the lead before and knew how to manage a larger than life personality, but he also had a plethora of knowledge of the style, time period, and repertoire with which we were dealing. Miles would let me know when something I had created was too much for the space or realm of the show. He encouraged my ideas and aided in a lot of the blocking I was creating without stifling my vision. Many times his creativity helped me when I suffered a block. These are characteristics any choreographer hopes to find in his director.

Miles’ dedication to our production was relentless. When the actors were released he would continue working with the writer, set designer, and producer long into the night, always sacrificing his own needs. He did much of the technical grunt work from hanging drops and lights, to shopping for costume pieces and sweeping the floors in order to have a great production.  

His love of the theatre is apparent in every aspect of his being and he brings with him a sense of joy and enthusiasm often missing these days in what I like to call ‘corporate’ show business. If you seek an experienced, knowledgeable, calm, positive force of energy, I believe Miles Phillips is a most qualified person for your program. I truly feel he will be a wonderful asset to any theatrical venture.
Tracy Rae Wilson – Actor/Choreographer

Miles Phillips